Canada Migration

Canada is the 2nd largest country in the world in terms of land area with a low population. Canada is a developed country and has one of the best economies
in the world. It is ranked the 10th highest in the world for the per capita income worldwide. The country is also ranked high in terms of quality of life,
education, government policies, economic freedom etc.Canada provides European style social benefits with fairly high situations of taxation and unequaled
quality of life.With a clear need for professionals and skilled labourers to fill in the vacancies in sectors where the residents in Canada are not willing
or cannot meet the demands of the jobs, the Canadian government has allowed immigration to Canada. Canada is one of the top options for professionals who are
looking to migrate to a country with first class living standards. Canada has observed a steady employment rate of around 92%.

Express Entry Program
Express Entry program is a great option for skilled labourers and professionals, because it operates under federal economic immigration programs such as:

Federal Skilled Worker program

To apply as a Federal Skilled Worker, your work experience must be in a paid job that is the same as your primary NOC and need to have experience in the
last 10 years. Work should be of Skill Type 0, or Skill type A or B available in the National Occupational Classification (NOC). You must provide evidence
that you are doing the duties mentioned in the NOC description. If you fail to show that your work experience meets the requirements mentioned in the description
in the NOC, then you are not eligible under this program.

Language ability
You need to take an approved language test from a CIC designated language testing agency to show that you have a basic proficiency in one of Canada’s official
languages, English or French, for all four language abilities, which are speaking, reading, listening and writing. You must obtain a minimum score of Canadian
Language Benchmark (CLB) 7 in all four abilities.

Selection factors
The candidate’s application is evaluated against six selection factors for eligibility check:
Work experience
Job offer
Language skills

These factors constitute a total of 100 points grid to assess Federal Skilled Workers. The points are earned on how well you perform on each factor. Currently, the
total pass mark is 67 points which will decide if you qualify for the Express Entry pool.
The principal applicant should be the one who needs to score the most points in the selection factors, meet the eligibility criteria, and earn the most points for
Express Entry under the Comprehensive Ranking System, which is a points based system to evaluate and rank the profile in the Express Entry pool.

Proof of funds
You need to show that you have enough funds to support yourself and your family once you arrive in Canada, unless you have a valid job offer from an employer
in Canada or if you are able to legally work in Canada.

Federal Skilled Trades program
The Federal Skilled Trades program is for people who are interested in getting endless residers in Canada, grounded on being good for a professed trade.
To be eligible under this program, you must be ready to live in a province outside Quebec, meet the language requirements in English or French for all
four language abilities: speaking, writing, listening and reading. Other criterias include 2 years of full time work experience, meet the job requirements
for the skill trade mentioned in the National Occupational Classification (NOC).

Work experience in a trade is only considered if you are able to work independently in that trade in the region you got your work experience.
Education/ qualification isn’t needed for the Federal Skilled Trades Program, but you could earn points for your education under the Express Entry Program.
The candidate needs to meet the minimum language eligibility of CLB 5 for speaking and listening and CLB 4 for reading and writing. The language test should
be taken from an agency approved by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) for all four language abilities. Your test results should not be older
than 2 years on the day you apply for permanent residence.

Canadian Experience Class (CEC)
Canadian Experience Class (CEC) is an immigration program favouring foreign workers and students to issue their work experience and education to apply for residency.
These applicants must have obtained work or education experience in Canada and have lived in canadian society and made some important connections. The processing for
CEC applications are done through the Express Entry selection system. The eligible candidates must convey an expression of interest in migrating to Canada, create an
Express Entry online profile, and before they make an application, you will receive an invitation to apply for permanent residence. You will have to attend an
interview once your application is evaluated by an immigration officer. The applicant will be required to take a medical exam and need to pay a Right of Permanent
Residence fee in order to issue a PR card.

The applicants must meet the following criteria under this program:
Must have obtained at least one year of work experience in Canada in skilled, professional or technical work within 36 months of the application date.
Get a CLB score of 5 or 7, depending on the level of job.
Wants to live and work outside the Quebec province, otherwise they need to apply for the Quebec Experience Class program.
This program is suitable for applicants who are residing in Canada during their application processing and also for those who are no longer in Canada provided that
they submit their application within three years of leaving the job in Canada. Self employed and the work experience gained while being a full-time student cannot
apply under this program.

Quebec Skilled Worker Program
Still, the operation has to be submitted through Arrima, which is ane-portal grounded on the Expression of Interest system, If you wish to resettle to Quebec under
the Regular Professed Worker program.

Applications to Quebec are open to anyone 18 years or above, who wish to migrate to Quebec, Canada under the Regular Skilled Worker program. The Expression of
Interest will be reviewed by the Quebec Immigration Ministry and invitations will be issued to the applicants who meet certain criteria, based on the needs of
the labor market of the Quebec province.

Foreign workers in UAE who speak French and plan to settle as permanent residents in the Canadian province of Quebec, may be eligible to apply for the Quebec
Skilled Worker Program.

Provincial Nominee Program (PNP)
Each of the ten provinces and three territories in Canada has its own authority over the immigration policies and programs. The province wants the migrants to reside
in their province once they reach Canada. The fiefdom of Quebec doesn’t have a PNP. Eligible immigrants under PNP should meet the following requirements:

Have Lately worked in Canada or are presently working on a valid work permit.
Is currently under the Express Entry pool and is meeting the eligibility criteria for any Provincial Nominee Program aligned with Express Entry.
The PNP immigrants should possess the necessary skills, education, work experience that are required to boost the economy of the province and live there.

To apply for the PNP, you must apply to the province or territory to be nominated and then apply to the IRCC to become a permanent resident. The province or
territory will review your application and will issue a nomination certificate if you fulfill their criteria. You must submit a copy of this certificate when
you are applying for permanent residence.

Under a PNP Express Entry Stream, you first need to complete an Express Entry profile and show that you have fulfilled the minimum criteria for Express Entry.

This program is mainly for business people or qualified entrepreneurs who are interested to invest in a particular Canadian province by an accelerated immigration
process. This is to increase economic growth and job opportunities as per the economic needs of the province. Minimum government regulations are required to start
your own business in that province. You can also sponsor other family members for permanent residence.